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Month: May 2023

Tri-Party Agreement in Hindi

A tri-party agreement, also known as a three-way agreement, is a legally binding agreement between three parties. The agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of all three parties and is often used in various industries, including real estate, banking, and construction. In Hindi, the term “tri-party agreement” can be translated as “त्रि-पक्षीय समझौता”. This …

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Release and Indemnification Agreements Prohibited

Release and indemnification agreements have become increasingly common in business transactions and legal contexts. However, in some situations, these agreements may be prohibited or limited by law. First, it is important to understand what release and indemnification agreements are. A release agreement is a legal contract in which one party releases the other party …

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Multilateral Investment Agreement Define

A multilateral investment agreement (MIA) is a treaty between several countries that aims to promote and protect foreign investment. Through this agreement, member countries agree to certain standards and regulations that govern the investment process and provide a framework for resolving disputes. The goal of an MIA is to encourage investment by creating a …

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