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IRS innocent spouse relief allows an individual to not be held legally liable for any improper, erroneous, and/or misleading tax filings filed by a spouse (or former spouse.) What innocent spouse relief means is that a spouse can be exempt from paying any taxes, interest, or penalties associated with those kinds of improper filings.

What Is the IRS Innocent Spouse Rule?

The IRS innocent spouse rule was made to protect individuals from liability from unknown erroneous filings made by a spouse under a joint tax return. Under the innocent spouse rule, an individual can file innocent spouse relief form 8857 as soon as they find out about a tax liability for which they believe should be held entirely by their spouse or ex-spouse. It may take up to six months after filing to determine if a tax return is available for relief.

Many are confused about the difference between innocent and injured spouse relief. ATM Tax Pro can help you discern which is best for you.

What Are the Different Types of Innocent Spouse Relief?

Currently, the IRS states that there are three types of innocent spouse relief. What are the three types of innocent spouse relief?

  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Separation of Liability
  • Equitable Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief refers to not being held liable for additional taxes, interest, or fees. Separation of Liability involves splitting taxes, penalties, and fees between both spouses. Equitable Relief allows individuals to qualify for relief if they do not qualify for the other two forms. Each type of relief must be pursued within a specific time frame.

How to Fill Out an Innocent Spouse Relief Form

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