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An authorized IRS e-file provider is a tax professional that can prepare tax returns and file them through the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) electronic filing program. The IRS set up this program to allow businesses and individuals to file and pay their taxes online.

Professional tax preparation service providers must apply to the IRS, complete a registration process, and be approved to become authorized e-file providers. They are skilled at formatting tax data for the e-file system. So, individuals and other businesses know they can trust these providers to file their taxes correctly and efficiently.

Why Use an Authorized E-File Provider Service?

When you file your taxes, you have many choices. What benefits do you receive by using an IRS e-file provider, such as ATM Tax Pro? Can our services improve your business and your life? We know they can. We can:

  • Prevent Mistakes: We’re experienced at formatting data correctly and checking for errors before filing.
  • Upload Forms Faster: If you work at a business, we can transmit dozens or hundreds of your forms at once.
  • Help You Meet Deadlines: If you need to file at the last minute, we can accept your forms on the final day and transmit them quickly.
  • Use Last Year’s Information: We can reuse some of your data from the previous year in order to save you time.
  • Offer Superior Customer Service: Chat online with us or call us when you have questions, and we’ll give you the best customer service in the business.

Contact the Experts at ATM Tax Pro For All of Your Tax Needs

As an authorized IRS e-file provider, we can prepare and file your taxes in the most efficient way that technology can offer today. Plus, ATM Tax Pro is focused on helping you get out from under IRS problems, educating you, and guiding you until you’re free of tax debt and other challenges.

Let us prepare your taxes professionally and answer all your questions. Contact us today to have your taxes prepared by experienced professionals who can satisfy all your tax needs. Schedule an appointment now.